This is my private website, you'll find here a few blog posts and my contact information.

  1. How ephemeral keys validate possession of a static key

    and why key confirmation isn't enough!

  2. Modulo Biases and how to avoid them!

    In which we discover a strange creature named Modulo Bias, learn how it is born, why it is so dangerous, and how to fight it

  3. Forget Homomorphic Encryption

    Here Comes Functional Encryption

  4. CTF Writeup / GoogleCTF 2018 / DM Collision

    Done as a member of the duks team.

  5. CTF Writeup / GoogleCTF 2018 / Perfect Secrecy

    Done as a member of the duks team.

  6. Understanding and implementing Manger attack

    Let's dive a bit into the details.

  7. CTF Writeup / Y-Not-CTF / SmS Secret Secure Server

    Done as a member of the duks team.

  8. On the PGP cipher preferences

    and a gaffe

  9. Defeating Ed25519 and EdDSA using a fault attack

    Along with a practical demonstration.

  10. Yao's Garbled Circuits and how to construct those

    It's not even that hard!

  11. CTF Writeup / PlaidCTF / Echo

    Done as a member of the duks team.

  12. How (not) to break your (EC)DSA

    Fun with signature algorithms.

  13. Manger's attack against RSA OAEP

    Now the question is why I implemented it?