About me

After doing a bilingual German&French high school degree in Frauenfeld, I’ve got a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics at the EPFL. I then decided that I wanted to work in IT security, possibly cryptography, and in order to do so, I kept going with a Master Degree in Communication Sciences oriented towards “IT Security and Business Networks”.

You can find me online under the “AnomalRoil” nickname.

About romailler.ch

I basically wanted to have an easy to remember, easy to use email address ; I’m born in Switzerland and romailler.ch was available. The website is 100% static and no CMS is used, instead the html code is generated using Hugo.

I’m not hosting any services there ; I’ve got another dedicated server for those.

Employer Disclaimer

This is my own website. The views expressed on these pages are mine alone and I am not speaking on behalf of any employer, past or present. It is not safe to infer that any such employer either agrees or disagrees with me. If self-employed, I would still not agree with myself.