Starting page logo with full disk encryption

To change the grub starting page logo when using, as I currently do, Linux Mint (with LUKS encryption), you have to change it in /usr/share/plymouth/themes/mint-logo.

And then update your initramfs using sudo update-initramfs -u where the -u is there to tell it that we want to update an existing initramfs.

On Vim there’s a nice diffsplit view:

One can do a diff with diffsplit file2 and then you can copy or import changes from the one or the other with do and dp. Other usefull cmds:

]c               - advance to the next block with differences
[c               - reverse search for the previous block with differences
do (diff obtain) - bring changes from the other file to the current file
dp (diff put)    - send changes from the current file to the other file
zo               - unfold/unhide text
zc               - refold/rehide text
zr               - unfold both files completely
zm               - fold both files completely

To get ^W on Powershell

Okay, this is not really a Linux tip, since it applies on Windows, but it’s to get the same behaviour as on Linux. Just run the following: Set-PSReadLineKeyHandler -Key Ctrl+w -Function BackwardKillWord And it will allow you to use Ctrl-w instead of Ctrl-Backspace to erase a whole word in the console.